One full month in

It’s October.

We’ve moved one student out of our class, and more will follow.

It’s funny how we know. The ones who need to go start doing all the work for their table. All become reliant upon the most proficient. And then we know it’s time.

fantastic wordsOn Friday, we went to the beach. Our Nepali speakers are out for Dashain. Our Somalis will be out for Eid al Ad’ha on Monday. We were missing half the class, so instead of starting something new, we continued talking about weather at the beach.

There is a beautiful book called My Fantastic Words Book–Young Student Thesaurus by Ken Pransky. It has visual representations of words that help students understand meaning. I heard him talk at a Massachusetts -TESOL (MATSOL) convention a couple of years ago. He’s amazing.

We used a graphic that went from “coldest” to “hottest” and covered words in between. It was a great way to spend what likely will be one of the most beautiful days we will have before winter hits. We used words like icy, freezingand chilly to describe the water, nippy, cool and warm to describe the air.

It was a great way to learn. And we found out our students are expert jugglers. One used to make money doing acrobatics on the street. Others showed us games they played in Kenya.

I am blessed today!


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