Here’s the email we got this week:

You were both nominated this year to receive the 2014 DG Weaver Award at the annual Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community‘s Roots of Prevention Celebration on 10/22/14.  Our award selection committee were impressed by the nomination and the great work you are both doing at BHS.  Here is a quote from your nominator Stacy Raphael:
“A healthy community of learners can only exist if spaces where this is modeled and valued are created by educators. Beth Evans and Suzy King exemplify the best of educators who are bright, engaged, and informed. Their innovative practices—which include integrating the arts into their English language instruction in a collaboration with Flynn Center teaching artists—are rooted in a desire to provide safe spaces where relationships are fostered and learning is joyful. Their classrooms are filled with some of our most diverse students*—culturally and geographically—as well as broad age ranges, given disparity of access to education in students’ home countries. Many students in Beth and Suzy’s classes have just arrived in Vermont from war-torn countries and have experienced a variety of traumatic events or difficulties. These two educators hold a space for these students in which they can orient themselves in a whole new world and create community that encourages safe risk-taking in order to help students progress to success in learning and life. Suzy and Beth are everyday heroes who dream big enough for their students to find their own place, to help them believe that their place is here in Vermont… or wherever they might be.”
We are so grateful to Stacy Raphael, program director and theater teaching artist at the Flynn Center for the Performing arts, for nominating our program.
You can see the award announcement here. It’s kind of nice to be recognized…

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