Just doing our job…

In the past couple of days, we had the opportunity to let others know about our class.

First, on Tuesday, we were invited by the Flynn Center’s board of directors to showcase the kind of work we are doing with Lida Winfield. We expected dropped jaws when we talked about high school students who start school here and are illiterate. The statement did not quite get the shock effect we awaited. But we did show some of the videos from our work. And that was nice, to be able to talk about how basic our work is…and how essential.

Suzy and Stacy Raphael’s work on securing a grant was successful, and we will continue to have Lida in our classroom for the rest of the year! So exciting!

Then on Wednesday, we were awarded the DG Weaver Roots of Prevention Award. You can see the link here.

I love being recognized for the work we do, and at the same time, it’s weird, having people thanks us for just doing our job. We are cited as innovative and life-changing, but we do what all teachers worth their salt do:

Teach. Love. Try. Fail. Regroup. Try again.

The best part was when one of our students stood up for us and talked about how she loved being in our classes. She remembered learning about movement with me. And idioms. And she loved Suzy’s smile and how she taught. She did such a nice job! I was so proud of her.

And what Lida said was so touching: She said she’s humbled by our students and by the way we are able to be so clear in our communication, that our room feels safe and warm.

That’s what we’re aiming for.

And we hope that we were able to get people energized about providing more support to bring arts integration to the high school.

It would be so cool.


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