How do you feel?

We have gotten to be experts at drawing happy face emotions…

Leslie came this week, and she was AWESOME!

We had asked that there be more opportunities for modeling by BRAVE people. And she did that and more.

IMG_1550We talked about our bodies and how we felt pain. Where do you feel emotions? Where do you feel?

We tried to listen to each other as we used this frame:

S1: How do you feel?

S2: I feel __________________.

S1: You feel _________________?

S2:  Yes.

It may seem really rudimentary, but it was all what we needed. Thank you Lindsay, for making our Tuesday really productive!

This was such a big week. On Monday, we got our bus passes. We practiced introducing ourselves and spelling our last names so we could get the bus passes from our admin assistant, Claire Bushnell. My students all got glowing reviews on their office visit. And they are all set for next Monday, when they have to show the bus passes or pay to get to school.

On Tuesday, we worked on using the weather map to look at the forecast, and that led us into talking more about clothing and the weather turning colder. We filled out a Google form that asked us to report the weather. And I learned to make sure I put a blank in for names. I keep forgetting to do that… so we did it again on Wednesday.

photoOn Wednesday, we took pictures of us in winter clothing. Arjun was an amazingly awesome model as we talked about what kind of clothes we need for the cold weather to come. We went to the clothes closet and dug up some clothes. Arjun let me dress him. He was, as I said before, amazing.

So this led to our next project, which was identifying cold weather clothes and colors in an explain everything movie.

You can always tell in our class who the next one will be to get out, because those people are the first ones done. We label them “EXPERT” on the board. If students don’t know what to do, they are supposed to seek out an expert and get it done. Many hands make light work.

It’s so cute to see them all want to be experts… As I asked at the end of class WHO our experts were, the first hands shot up, and the others tentatively followed. Guess who’s leaving soon???

Experts know how to do the project and how to turn it in. They play the game of school. They move AND they shake. And it’s fantastic to watch it happen.

We currently have six students doing “halvsies”: They attend Excell one day, and the next day, they go to ELL English 1. It’s a step. And it will soon be followed by a gentle push out of the nest. We have watched eight leave us. And there are more to come. Poor Kevin’s class is getting full, though. We will hope he will be able to push some out of his nest as well.

wong_baker_facesOn Thursday, we worked on our movie projects and we brought out the Wong Baker Faces Pain Scale, which students often see at the doctor’s office. We role-played talking about our pain.

S1: What’s wrong?

S2: My stomach hurts.

S1: How much?

S2: 2.

S1: Oh. Go eat something./Go to the bathroom./Go drink water.

It was fun! And practical.

We also did two home visits and learned quite a bit about two of our newest families. I love that part of our work. It helps us to connect and answer questions. It helps us to dig deeper and to know our students. Like today when Arun told me that this model dude was his brother who lives in India and is a fashionista. I know he’s an only child.

They are so funny!

likesOn Friday, we asked each other if we like the snow. We started with this great exercise from the eflrecipies blog. It’s a scale, like we’ve been talking about for some time–but this time having to do with likes and dislikes.  We started modeling by using apples, just like in the picture, for our morning greeting. But then we switched to snow.

We got our first dusting of snow on Thursday night. It was very timely with our winter clothes unit. And we had students talk about whether they like or don’t like the snow. Personally, I HATE the snow. But Suzy LOVES the snow. Arjun was there to help us. And he said he doesn’t mind the snow. Who knew?

After that, we started talking about families and adjectives. I showed my mom and dad, who are old. My dad is tall; my mom is short. My dad has white hair; my mom has black. Suzy showed her tall, tall family. All of them (except her dad, who was wearing a hat) have curly hair, just like Suzy. My people all have straight hair. We asked them to find pictures on their ipads or phones of their family and to share them with us. It was really quite sweet.

We ended the class with describing someone in the class using just the audio of Explain Everything. Even though we had focused on physical attributes, they focused on clothing. It was good to see that what we’ve been talking about stuck with them!

And next week, we will soldier on. We talked a bit about how we have to teach them where the adjective goes.

It will be great!


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