Shrek! And Hearts. And Stars.

My joy cup ranneth over on Thursday night! It was a FIELD TRIP!

IMG_1582 IMG_1583 IMG_1594 IMG_1613 IMG_1614

Amy Mellencamp graciously let me have money to take 13 of my students (and former students… some of them have found their way out of ExcELL!) to Shrek! It was put on by the BHS Drama department.

I was even able to take a 14th student because my own daughter got sick. That opened up a spot.

Suzy mentioned this week that she had been helping a senior get letters for college ready. She saw that he was really into drama in Nepal. He didn’t know that we had a drama department.

How do these things happen?

Announcements are made.

People assume.

And yet, the chasm between the participators and those left out is huge.

It’s not easy. It’s never easy.

I showed up at the first student’s house. I asked it he was ready. “No,” he said with a smile, I’m sure not quite understanding the rush I was in…

I had one student who forgot, then called me back to ask me to come pick her up. She had been sent to the grocery store.

I had another who was still in his track clothes. He had to rush to change clothes.

But it was so worth it. You should have seen the smiles. Students were whispering back and forth to figure out what the heck was going on.

But this experience also made me realize how important teacher involvement is. The boys were taking pictures during intermission with Kevin Cross, the other teacher who helped me chaperone. That male bonding is so important. It was cool.

Francesca Villella, another teacher who is part of the Partner Teacher group, mentioned at a meeting earlier this year that she was scrounging for teachers to chaperone a dance. People just are not volunteering. Is it because we don’t feel part of this community either?

How sad!

My husband asked me, while we were waiting to go see the play on Saturday–and I saw tons of my colleagues there as well–whether I had ever been to a football game.

I haven’t.

Nor any other sport or extracurricular activity. And this is year 3 at the high school.

It is so very easy to say that that space over there is work, and this space over here is home. And ne’er the twain shall meet.

But when I saw my students dancing and heard them laughing, I realized that we really are the lifeline. We are the ones who are the gate for involvement. And we need to be there for our students to be able to fully participate.

So hearts and stars to people who helped make it all possible: Amy Mellencamp, Kevin Cross for helping me chaperone, and Suzy King, for showing up after yoga to help us give rides home.

And to Frau, who got us space for us all to sit together.

Thanks to all.


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