Mindful Focusing, Mindful Listening

Just before break, I had to miss a day when Denise came to our class from the Center for Mindful Learning.

It sounds like it was great, though. I’m sad I missed it.

They talked about two words:




It’s amazing that when I say “CLASS!” that there are about a third of the heads still hovering over their iPads. And we need this to change. We need focus.

But we also need students to realize when they are facing adversity–and there’s lots of adversity to be faced as an English Language Learner–that they learn to relax. That’s what they think they are doing when they play silly games on their iPads. But they aren’t… But I digress.

They practiced carrying little cups of water across the room and cheering for their classmates to focus as they walked. It was such a great community building exercise.

And today, we returned to those concepts as we focused on feelings and our body. We listened to music as we focused on our bodies. Do you feel tight? Do you feel relaxed? Do you feel both? And does it change as the music changes?

We numbered our papers from 1-9 and wrote our reactions as we listened to different songs. Then we drew our bodies and recorded where we felt tight, relaxed or both.

It was good!

Denise says she looked for research with low-proficiency ELLs and mindful learning.

Guess what! There is none.

So I guess we’ve got some ground to break and some papers to write.

Should be fun!


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