We wrote invitations last week to a party that we decided to have so we could write the invitations. Invitation, Party, Wedding, Invite, Envelope, Card

Isn’t that silly?

It’s the last day of class, though. And for the WIDA ACCESS test, which comes between the February and March breaks, an invitation is usually in the mix, usually on the writing test. And students need to understand where to put the who, what, when and where.

So we’re having a party.

So we can write invitations.

And we’ll do it again.

So we tried to deliver the invitations after filling out a field trip form. There are lots of confusing words on the field trip forms. I usually just fill them out myself and copy them for the students with pertinent information already on the form. All they usually have to do is get their teachers and parents/guardians to sign.

Caddy, Shopping Cart, Shopping Trolley, TrolleyOh, but we have to do things the hard way.


Curriculum connection.

Emergency contact.


Departure Time.

Return Time.

Even the words “field trip” were a difficult concept to convey, until I related it to our outing to Shrek: I drive. You come with me.

Grocery Store. Or is it “market”? What’s a “supermarket”?

Wow. I’m gonna go cross-eyed.

I intended today to go to Hannaford and let them know we were coming Friday. That didn’t happen.

Maybe tomorrow.

It was a tough day today all the way around. I couldn’t get them out of the room to go deliver the invitations after we had made them! It was ridiculous. One student accidentally cut an invitation into pieces and needed to make it again. Another wanted to make a new invitation, but there just wasn’t time. Nobody understood when I said, “Bring all your stuff.” They came out with nothing and I’d send them back in. And they’d come out with nothing. And I’d send them back in.

Amy Dickson, one of the Partnership for Change fellows, came to watch today. I’m curious about her take on the lesson, on the day, on the bigger picture… When you look at these students, what does proficiency based learning at a high school level look like? How do we get them from here to there? I sometimes feel like I’m looking at the Amtrak website and realizing that you just can’t get there from here.

I can only hope I’m wrong.


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