We had planned last week for a party, so we had to buy stuff.

We filled out field trip forms while Suzy was out. That was not much fun. There were lots of words to explain…

But the week had come and we started planning. I had stopped in to Hannaford’s and talked to the manager, a very nice IMG_0987man named Al, about bringing my group in on Thursday. Mostly, I just wanted to ask for permission to take pictures. There’s a sign posted on the door that no photography is allowed, but he said that was more to keep media out, rather than individuals taking pictures.

I had picked up circulars and job applications, as well as coupon books.

I’m not sure what Suzy was able to cover in class, but she sent some amazing pictures! And thanks go to Sara Crothers, who took my van’s place on the field trip.

We planned to take students on a “small” day. When students are almost proficient, we begin pushing them out of the nest by having them go to ELL English 1 on Blue days, then come to us still on White days. This makes it so we can test the waters. If our colleague who teaches that class, Kevin Cross, finds that students are able to make their way easily in English 1, then we can move them out fully in a short time. If he feels as though we have jumped the gun and the students aren’t quite ready to follow oral directions, we have the opportunity to keep them a little longer. It’s been a good arrangement.

But the other advantage is that we don’t have to have alternate travel plans, because we could fit them all in our car.

Judging by the photos I was sent, I think it must have gone just swimmingly! So amazing how things happen even when I’m not around!

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