URL? Link? What?

Oh my.

This is some pretty complicated stuff…

I want my students to make a website to show that they have met proficiencies:

But getting students to understand this is SO much information! Even the adults who came to help in the room on the day I first showed this were frustrated, walking away, shaking their heads. Which, in turn, made me really frustrated. If students see the adults around them are shutting down, they join in.

And that is bad.

So, we took a step back.

After talking it through with Suzy, we decided to have students make links to a Pages document on the iPad. Once they get what links are, then we can maybe go back to the websites they have created from a Google Sites template and make it work.




A week after showing students what the above video shows, we then demonstrated how to make links to a Pages document, and I shared the video below:

By the end of class Thursday, I had two EXPERTS!!! We try to build capacity in these project-y things. Students sometimes learn more from students than they ever will learn from adults. It’s all about the relationships. And until that relationship can be with me, learning from a peer–particularly a language partner, who can revert back to the first language to explain the process–is optimal.  Two of my students, by the end of class, got it.

(This happened to be in the same class that I taught them how to use the iPad messaging system. Probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. My iPad kept binging all over the place as my students continued to send happy greetings and pictures to each other.)


So today, we danced it. (You can see that process here!)

But first, I had to make it simple. Lida asked me to break the process down to seven sentences. That’s hard to do.

Check out the slideshow below.

How did I do?


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