Awesome? What awesome?

On Friday, we did videos to introduce ourselves to others. This will be the beginning of our e-portfolio.

We brainstormed what we wanted to write about, and somewhere in the conversation, one of us, like we always do, said, “That’s awesome!” It was said in reaction to one of our students getting a green dot in XtraMath.

XtraMath is a free program that works on basic math fluency, something very few ELL students have. From the site: “Green means the student got less than 10% wrong. Yellow means between 10% and 25% wrong. Red means over 25% wrong. Blue dots indicate an incomplete XtraMath session.” We’ve been working on this daily to try to reinforce a growth mindset with our students: essentially, if you practice, you’ll get better, faster, stronger.

Anyway… One of our students who has not gotten green in a while earned green on Friday. “That’s awesome!”

And then we had to explain….

It means “cool.”

Nope. More figurative language.

“Very good”?

Yes. We understand “very good.”


“I awesome?”

Yes, you are, but we say, “I am awesome.”

Lesson learned.

So awesome!


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