Yes, I can relax.

Today, Lindsay came by from Center for Mindful Learning.

I did my homework.

It was to do our breathing exercise one time before we see Lindsay again. I did. And I think it helps.

248x249xcmlnewlarge-300x300.png.pagespeed.ic.whX9LpOZe_I have just started the 10-week course from CML that we will be modifying for use with beginning level English Language Learners. I made my daughters breathe with me. Just once.

They thought it was weird. But they are game.

In class today, we talked about how we can use breathing when things are not going well, or even when they are. But it’s a way to improve our focus. We can focus better when we breathe.

First, we asked who did homework. If someone said they did not, there was no public humiliation. It was met with positive thoughts. “So next time.”

Then, we breathed. Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax. (We’ve been working at tempo, so we don’t hyperventilate.) After one time around the circle, with each student leading (student participation is a HUGE part of the work we are trying to do), we tried it again.

But this time, a little differently.

We asked each other: “Can you breathe and relax?”

We answered: “Yes, I can do it.”

So after doing a circle of affirmations, we then just breathed, and then each said in turn, “Yes, I can do it.”

What an awesome message to send with students out into the world.

So simple.

So powerful.



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