Muddy Feelings

I love it when it’s a mindfulness day.

IMG_1777It seems like we are all in such need of mindfulness, of shutting off all those things that are keeping us in a bad space during the day…

There are so many things that can throw us off. On this particular day, Suzy stayed in the class and made valentines, found Teal a place to meet with a couple of our students who have followed the Buddhist traditions, and then started working with Lindsay on mindfulness.

I was outside for a long time. With three of our students and a liaison to help them express their frustration with our educational system and the classes we have chosen to put them in.

But that is another blog post. For another day.

For right now, I want to talk to you about the part of the class that I got to see.

IMG_1772Lindsay was talking to students about things they think about and emotions they feel every day. And then we went through this amazing exercise:

She asked them first how they felt, using the list that is at the top of this post. And when they said what they felt, they put a scoop of sand into a jar of water.

Personally, I felt sick. And tired.

And one of the girls I had been talking to felt angry. And that’s OK. It’s so important to let our students know that whatever they are feeling, it’s OK.

It’s OK for me to be tired. It’s OK for her to be angry. It’s OK for us to feel tight and happy and sad and scared and all of that.248x249xcmlnewlarge-300x300.png.pagespeed.ic.whX9LpOZe_

And so we all put in our scoops, and then we all took turns shaking it up. This was a metaphor, done in the most artful of ways. Our emotions shake up in us all day long. We feel lots and lots. And only when we stop to breathe can we really calm down, like the sand that sank to the bottom of the jar.

And that’s why we practice. So we can know what to do when we are feeling all those feelings.

We are so grateful that Center for Mindful Learning is working with us.

We have no idea what these kids bring with them.

We have no idea how that affects their learning and their lives.

And that’s why we need to take a moment to be quiet.

And let the sand settle.


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