Nepali castes

It’s not always easy to tell what may be affecting our students in the classrom. That’s why we have to dig a little deeper.

The video here is one I sent out to my district. It is a little longer than the three minutes I normally keep these to, but the eight minutes are well worth your time.

As an ELL teacher, I noticed that I could almost tell which group Nepali high school students would be with as soon as they walked in the door. Something about their dress, their demeanor…
I started asking a couple of years ago and found out about the Nepali caste system.
As educators (and people who work with them), I think it’s important to understand the cultural background of our students in order to know why students may or may not work together well; to know what cultural aspects could be affecting a student’s work in the classroom.
If this video piques your interest, there are more links to articles explaining the Nepali caste system and its history at the ELL Teaching Tips website:
You will find all past videos there as well.

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