What is ExcELL, anyway?

While most of my colleagues are taking time off to clean their homes or to go on vacation or to ski, I find myself hanging out, doing what I normally do.

I find it difficult to relax, no matter how many times our colleagues at Center for Mindful Learning say we should. And if I’m just hanging out, and I’m asked to do something, I usually say yes.

I did an interview with Partnership for Change director Hal Colston this week, and next week I’m going on a fieldtrip to find out about a teacher’s innovative math program.

It’s just what I do.

P4C asks that partner teachers help to let others know about the program and its effects on our work. I am happy to comply. Without P4C, we would not have had this opportunity to really get to know our students.

I am so grateful to have a career that engages me so much that I’m not dying to get away from it all.

I really do feel like I’m changing the world, one mind at a time.


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