Please Mr. Postman: Christmas in April

Every year, we order Christmas cards. And every year, we order too many. And we have a good dozen or so that sit, undelivered, collecting dust.Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.25.15 PM

But this year, it’s Christmas in April.

We’ve been working at writing addresses, remembering phone numbers… And I really thought we should figure out WHY we needed to know our addresses. So I took all these cards to school and we’ve been practicing on a worksheet, getting us ready for the real thing.

And the day finally came.


All of the students were instructed to follow a model I drew on the whiteboard. They had to copy my address from the board onto the envelope, and in the addressee spot, they had to write their own address, including ZIP code.

If you never send a letter, why would you ever need a ZIP code???

I had intended to go to the post office after school and to buy stamps. I was going to take pictures of putting them on and sliding the envelopes into the slot. But another partner teacher who was observing just happened to have poinsettia Forever stamps.

What’s a letter without a stamp? You have to know where the stamp goes.

So amazing, the questions that came up, needing to know where the stamps go and which way, how high up to write their own addresses, whether or not they could use lines… So cute, the whole thing.

So they got them ready, slid the cards into their envelopes and sealed them. That was a whole thing. Do we really have to lick them??? One student tried to use his water bottle so he wouldn’t have to lick the glue!

And now we wait.

Did it work?

Will the post office be able to decipher their writing?  … anticipation!

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.45.26 PM


    • I can say hello and goodbye in a polite way
    • I can introduce myself and others
    • I can fill out a form with my name, address, phone number and birth date
    • I can complete a simple online form (job application info)
    • I am able to give personal identification information

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