Noisy Focus: Be Mindful of the Beat

Lindsay has been teaching us this year about maintaining focus.

And what is that really?

We are so incredibly focused on multitasking that we just can’t focus. It’s crazy.

And so we’re working a little bit about how to undo that.

When we are breathing, we try to pay attention to where our mind goes. We try to focus on different body parts, and when we lose focus, we notice it, and refocus. Lose focus? Breathe and refocus. Get angry? Breathe and refocus.

It’s really about trying to figure out what should have the biggest chunk of one’s attention at any given time.

And if you’re a teen-ager, it’s even harder.

248x249xcmlnewlarge-300x300.png.pagespeed.ic.whX9LpOZe_I walked into the room just this morning, saw four boys sitting at the back tables, each glued to his iPad. They had focus all right.

And now, back to Lindsay.FullSizeRender 4

We did breathing, brought in a little creativity as we all came up with our own movements to breathe, and then we played this game.

One of our students got so excited of learning the pattern that she ran around the room and asked to play the game with almost everybody.

One student knew it would be a challenge, so she tried, and then she hid.

But the important thing is that she tried.

And all successes are just that: successes!


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