Winding Down

Group PhotoIt’s been a year.

And now we’re nearly done.

We went outside last week to take a picture to give to all the amazing people we have been working with this year.

Lida got her poster on Friday, as did two of our volunteers who have been faithful companions through this year.

It’s been wonderful and amazing and heartbreaking and and and….

I wonder if we will continue next year. The journey is still uncertain. I’ll be posting still to this site to show all the other things that have happened in this whirlwind month. Like going to Cirque Mechanique with our small class. And playing with Lida (three times since I’ve last posted!!! I’m not keeping up.).

The most amazing thing has been that we have seen students grow and learn. The amount of change, the amount of community building in this group has been phenomenal. We see students sitting together in the cafeteria, crossing language sub-groups. We see them as a welcoming cohort, bringing others in with an easy smile. We see them as young people who really needed help, and for the most part, are ready to move ahead.

Our posts will continue through the YES program (year end studies… a fairly new program at BHS that allows students a chance to explore with adults) because I will be leading some of these people on a “Welcome to Burlington” tour. We’ll be exploring all sorts of sites in and around Burlington.

It should be fun.

But I’m still not done with our class.

So stay tuned, dear readers. We’re not done yet!


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