Lida: December 18


We love visitors.

They get the chance to see what we see. And to begin to understand the tough row our students have to hoe.

The last day before break, we got to have several visitors… almost as many as we had students! But because it was the last day before break, we also got some students to join us whose language abilities are more advanced. Their classes were basically having study halls, or they had no classes, so they chose to stop in.

Joining us were Joan Sylvester, a member of the Flynn board and of our education committee, Flynn development director Gina Haddock. Lindsay Cox from the Partnership for Change came, as did Susanna Olson, a Flynn teaching artist who is doing work with other ELL students in the district.

We talked about shapes, shapes and more shapes. We built them with our bodies, then we worked on transitions between movements.







These are pretty difficult concepts to understand and convey, much less dance out. Let’s see how we did…

The hardest part was getting students to speak together. The choreography was hard to coordinate. New concepts (not shapes so much, but moving “sharp” or moving “smooth.” I mean, what does that really mean???), new people, new choreography ideas… It wasn’t as

akadylanas I would have liked… But we move on. We move forward.


The idea was to create a list of shapes, in any order, but to put movements between shapes to transition. Also not an easy concept…

We eventually settled on call and response. This seemed to work better.

And when we return in January, we will have at least one more face to add to our group. Maybe two! And I will be visiting Kevin’s class every other day. We have three fledglings to push out of our little nest.

Ah, progress!



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