Lida: February 20

Like the mythical bird of fire, our class starts over and over and over again.

Lida came, and we worked on body parts, left and right, moving in different ways and names.

We introduced ourselves, we grabbed our feet and found new seats.

We scrambled for empty spaces. We worked on asking and answering questions. We brainstormed things we buy.

We pantomimed objects to sell, and we used the names of coins we just learned last week to buy those fake items (nobody wanted my really heavy TV set).

It’s always good when Lida stops by.

We have a new cadre of brand new students who are a little freaked out by doing such funny things in a language class, like high-fiving, grabbing each others’ ankles, shouting out the word “ankle” and then jumping around in a circle. It is a little weird.

But like I’ve said before, we are lowering that affective filter: the fear of speaking that gets in the way of learning. The laughter is contagious, and the community building is amazing.

I see these students in the cafeteria later, and they are sitting together, not understanding what they are saying, but just enjoying each others’ company.

It’s so good.

And so needed for these kids who must be so scared.

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