Lida: January 22



We love our visitors. Today, it was Judy Klima, arts coach for Integrated Arts Academy, and Bobby Riley, principal at IAA. So great to have them there!

And we also have new student helpers. Always a joy!

It’s great to have teaching assistants because these students, who are English language learners at a higher proficiency, missed out on this joy. They missed out on practicing the oral language. And this is a sorely needed skill. I have been an apostle of researcher Jeff Zweirs for quite some time. He says that if they can’t own the words orally, they can’t own the words on paper. I’m a believer.

But I digress…

I went half and half today… I went to Kevin Cross‘s class to hang out with the English 1 folks for a while. We are looking at opinions. And I hope that I am getting across the message to them that the more you practice, the better you perform, and the better you perform, the higher the course you will be put in.

I’m trying.

But today, with Lida, we are trying to reinforce with students how to make links. You can see the method to our madness at a recent blog post, here. Our eventual goal is a website that will showcase students’ work that links to evidence that they have met proficiencies.

So today, we’re dancing vocabulary that goes with making links to a Pages document.

First, I trimmed down the process to seven sentences, not an easy task. But I did it.

After doing warm-ups and creating shapes for some of the vocabulary I had sent Lida last night, Suzy sent me a text. I left Kevin to his own devices (sorry, Kevin!). And then we reviewed the linking process.

Lida (and Susanna Olson, another Flynn artist who I worked with before, also in movement and dance) had already gone over the following words:

  • over
  • under
  • underline
  • add
  • link
  • delete

The idea was to back up the concepts, make the vocabulary second-nature, so we could get on with the content.

The funny thing is that we don’t really have to teach this content. This is all secondary. It’s the vehicle through which we will show that the rest of this is working.

So is it worth it?

I always tell people that if I don’t teach my students how to make their way with technology, it’s doubtful anyone will. We relegate them to washing dishes, cleaning hotel rooms and other domestic work. With technology skills, if they get it, they can go places.

So, yeah. It’s worth it.

Let’s take a look at what happened today:

I really really love my job. And you have just seen part of the reason why. This is so awesome.


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