Lida: March 9

Spin Doctors are running through my head….

What time is it?  4:30. It’s not late! No! No! It’s just early. Early. Early.

Added the link in there, in case you want to listen to it too, while I’m waxing on about the great time we had with Lida on Friday.

We’ve gotten new high school students in our class and we’re talking schedules. School schedules, daily schedules… And to do that, we need to talk about time.

So we played some games, changing seats, greeting your neighbor… those kind of things.

And then we got into the choreography. Someday we’re going to have to teach that word and let them know that they really are dancing, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

First we did a little push-pull, just to get us warmed up:

(So cute how gentle they are with each other…)

This was just to warm up and get used to touching each other. We usually don’t. There’s a pretty big personal bubble space that happens. Genders naturally split across the tables. Part of that is cultural; part of that is just not feeling comfortable. And we need to feel comfortable if we’re going to venture onward in English.

It’s review for most, but for some, this is just the launch into movement and dance. Some is risky. But to start, we keep it small, like smooth and rough…

…Like open and closed:

Like forward and backward:

Like inside, outside, forward and backward:

We also worked on clocks, showing the time with our bodies.  One of my clock-64265__180students has been noticing that words in English have multiple meanings. When Lida was here, we talked about a clock having a face and a clock having hands. This week, though, the same student brought her iPad to me and showed me the word “park.” She said she knew “park the car” but not this “park” that was shown in the picture.

So beautiful to see these lightbulbs going off… I always used to love teaching elementary school because the learning curve was so especially noticeable.  You could see the lights in their eyes. Just at the moment that things made sense, that synapses fired.  The thing is, I am seeing it daily in this class. And it is beautiful.

Teachers like to call this the “ah-ha moment,” That time when the synapses fire and new discoveries appear.

So beautiful.

We needed time so we could work on routines. And then we have to go back to introductions and then school schedules and then … and then… and then…

We would have liked the students who are more advanced to be able to take this to a new level. We have about eight in our little group that are just about ready to leave the nest, to go on to something new and challenging.

But we have four more for whom this leap is a bit much.

And we are all about including them all, from the bottom to the top. And so… routines become routine. And that’s not really a bad thing.

So take a look at a routine. Not really so routine at all:



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