Lida: October 23

Today was a beginning leap into choreography. We were able to focus on more elements of dance.

*Locomotor: Movement through space from one point to another (walk, run, jump, hop, leap, skip, gallop, slide, roll)

*Shape: A frozen pose (curves, straight, angular, twisted, narrow, wide, symmetrical, asymmetrical)
*Part: Body parts (head, eyes, torso, shoulder, arms, fingers, elbows, hands, hips, legs, knees, feet, ankles, etc.)

*Level: High, medium or low
*Direction: Forward, backward, sideways, up, down

*Tempo: Fast, medium, slow

Again, we’ve not talked about all this vocabulary in this way, but we are talking about lots of it. We covered body parts earlier in the week in preparation for a visit from Lindsay and Denise from the Center for Mindful Learning.  We did lots of movement and then incorporated it into the creation of our airplanes and helicopters. We talked about whether the choreographer wanted our machines to move fast or slow.

We had lots of visitors this week, which we love. And we celebrated the fact that we are ready to push a group of fledglings out of the next and welcome a new set. So exciting!

So check out the videos below, of us practicing repetition and movement with body parts (in pairs and small groups) and building airplanes and helicopters!


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