Lida: October 30

Today, to move us closer to having the vocabulary to deal with expressing our feelings in English. And although we are not dealing specifically with emotions, they are important things to express…

Emotionally, we have happy, sad and angry.

Other answers to “How do you feel?” that we’re addressing are sick, angry, hungry, cold and hot.

We dealt with some of these with Lida, though not all. But we played with building tableaus one by one and as a group activity with a “boss” (“choreographer” is a bit beyond our reach at this point) using these words. Have you ever noticed how sad and cold look so much alike?

We also worked on some very beginning choreography with transportation.

So let’s take a closer look.

We are cold (group tableau with one choreographer)

I am sad (students add to the tableau with their own shapes).

I am angry.

There are so many things to learn when you are new to a country. And so many feelings to feel.

Lida noticed that this week didn’t go as smoothly as more recent ones. She was just finding her stride and then…

This week was rough.

We sent six of our fledglings out of the nest. And it’s tough dealing with the feelings of those who are left. It feels to me like they are a little angry, seeing themselves on level playing field with those we sent away. And now we’re dealing with residual feistiness.

But this too will change.

We have new students coming. And that will mean that the ones we have will not be the newest additions.

I wonder how my colleagues are doing, having to deal with the same turmoil in their classes, now torn asunder, either by new arrivals or by newly empty seats.

Enough about that… Let’s look back at Lida’s work with us.

Ms. King plays the 1-10 game.

Ms. King plays the 1-10 game.

Ms. King plays the 1-10 game.
Ms. King and Leila play the 1-10 game.

In this game, partners count from 1-10. When one partner says a number, that person strikes a pose. The other partner counts on, adding a pose to the picture. Then the first person releases the pose, counts on and builds a new shape.

In the game below, the students are building a tableau, one at a time. They say the sentence ” I feel ___” (in this case, I feel happy) and add their body to the picture. We were working on feelings as well as levels to create a composition. How can you add to the picture?

We talked about fast and slow. Though we didn’t name tempo, we used it to do some beginning creative thinking, coming up with our own handshake, first normal, then fast then slow.

We also talked about travel and how we get to different places. Like last time Lida came, we created groups that had a “boss” (the word “choreographer” still isn’t quite in our vocabulary) who told people what to do. It’s building on students’ creativity and allowing them to have a certain amount of vision in the task they will complete.

How do you travel? And is it fast or slow?

By bus:

By bicycle:

By plane:

By train:

All this presenting, we hope, is giving students confidence to reach and breathe and speak. We see it as they are the ones to BE BRAVE (one of Ms. Lida’s favorite calls to action). Those are the ones we know are getting ready to stretch those wings and fly.

I don’t know if they even give themselves credit for what they do… This stuff is, honestly, brave!


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