Lida: September 18

When Lida comes, we always start with energizers. These also help convey the idea of locomotor movement, part of the elements of dance. We haven’t called it “locomotor” yet, but I’m sure we will by the end of the year…

Two of our modules have to do with self-introductions and with answering simple questions. This activity speaks to both. In the Common Core State Standards, as early as Kindergarten, students are expected to be able to speak with a clear, audible voice. And you can trace this skill up through the high school level, when students are supposed to be able to adapt speech to a variety of contexts and tasks.

In this clip, we are talking about SAME and DIFFERENT. This is a skill that is essential in almost every content area: reading when differentiating between sounds or when comparing characters; math when dealing with such diverse topics as fractions and geometric shapes; music and more when evaluating phrases… parallels go on and on. It also is essential for us to introduce to students who are relatively new to the U.S. educational system because of the importance we place upon individual work. Many students come from societies that encourage collaborative work. Copying is not cheating. It is helping.

Here, I help Lida convey the idea of ENERGY, one of the five elements of dance.  We are preparing to create a dance that assigns physical representations to abstract concepts.

In this game, the players count to 10, each assuming a shape in space that works well with his or her partner’s shape. For our class, it supports students in learning numbers; for dance, it teaches us about BODY, one of the five elements of dance. It’s also a low-stress environment for learning and for taking risks: Everybody looks silly. Everybody is doing the same thing. And it fosters creativity, which fits in with our mission at Burlington High School.


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